Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Holy Land Trip

My Mother recently took a trip to the HOLY LAND,along with her sister and bro-in law.Uncle said at least once this trip should be made by every catholic..hmmm this sent my grey cells mind boggling.

Lost civilizations and the history of humanity are certainly very interesting subjects but that is not where you will find what is essential. The essential thing is the LIFE that flows today. You can find Christ’s tomb and go and kneel before it but there wouldn’t be much point for Christ is no longer there in the tomb. The Christ is an immense river that flows in the universe, wherever there is life, wherever there is love.
And besides, out of all the Christians who go to Palestine to trace Jesus footsteps or even all the heads of churches, would many follow him if he came back today? Some would not recognize him, they would once more persecute him and call for his death. Why? Because they haven’t fathomed the secrets of life and love.

Please this does not mean i am discouraging not to go to the HOLY LAND but then if you are looking for Christ there; then Please forget it.

God Bless,keep smiling