Thursday, May 21, 2009

The magnificence of churches the splendours of religious services the beauty of prayers and songs awaken certain emotions in the soul. But is this sufficient?
Human beings need something more precise than emotions because emotions are transitory and do not provide a solid base for their psychic life.People must be taught that religion as well as morality are founded on laws just as real and verifiable as those of the physical world. In the same way that the universe created by God is governed by laws.The human being created by God has a physical and psychic organism which is also governed by laws.

This is why people who formed a group calling themselves believers actually end by doubting while they continue to imagine they believe, in reality they doubt. In order to truly believe, they need to know, to understand.
The era has passed when the faithful were taught that the criteria of true faith was the acceptance of truths they did not understand. Its sad they no longer want to hear about the mysteries of faith

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is essential to have the correct attitude towards all that exists most above all the Creator.
If you have a positive attitude wherever you go all of creation seem to smile at you.
Heavenly beings will never bow before your power, your wealth, your knowledge or your prestige they only bless your attitude, for it is your attitude that reveals whether you have understood what is essential.

If you want to understand how cosmic laws work,you must learn to observe human beings and understand what they speak and truly mean.