Friday, September 25, 2009

Awareness of GOD

Once people put on the tinted spectacles of a religion,a philosophy or a little group, they end up losing sight of everything else.
What is the use of religion if it hides the splendour of what God has created?
learn to respect life because everything is sacred, all created things are placed everywhere by God.
Thank Him for the light of the sun, the stars,  the air, the water, people in your community  etc..


  1. i see an conflict of view in this post .....u are unhappy i think and it has been identified when u say its not wat we are supposed to experience .....without religion and a basic knowledge structure we are posed to as some sort of an animal who is in existence without the essence of law and logic..

  2. Hi,thanks for commenting,lol! you are conflicting your own views, read carefully,think reflect, re-read and i hope u will atleast understand then....wisdom is not everyone's cup of tea...